Bed and breakfast in Berlin, then to Tierpark Berlin. A hotel search with bed and breakfast in Berlin should be easy, considering how many different accommodations there are in the capital. Our with bed and breakfast in Berlin is for a cheap night genaudas right.

You’ve probably heard of Tierpark Berlin, which is not far from our hostel and really worth a visit. The animals have a lot of space in their enclosures, because the …


Staying in a bed & breakfast accommodation in Berlin is worthwhile only if you make use of the breakfast offer, because who gets nothing down in the morning, has none of it. Anyone who has come to Berlin to experience Berlin at night, to finally celebrate in the trendy clubs of the city, to make pubs tours, it will probably not arrive on an All You Can eat bed and breakfast.

Because either this type of visitor …


Berlin with children accommodation. At the hostel, the reception is open 24 hours a day, so you’ll always find someone you need, even in the middle of the night. Parking is available in front of the hostel on in-house free parking.

You know that. In you do not have this problem. At the large buffet are constantly refilled daily for 3 hours, the food and drinks. Tasty is that and tastes great for the kids.

Take …


A holiday home for the family holiday should have a child-friendly facilities of the rooms and the entire facility. So that the whole family does not have to travel long distances, it would be great to have playgrounds and other recreational opportunities nearby.

Not to forget: for many families, the budget is limited and therefore the holiday should also be cheap. The is family friendly, flexible and reasonably priced, with service around the clock. We offer …


Business travel. For business travelers Berlin is one of the hotspots in Europe. So it is important to have a place of retreat, at least after work, where you can feel good. In the offers this stressed souls service around the clock, a delicious breakfast, a free car park and Wi-Fi with high speed internet included. Depending on the budget, an individual choice of rooms is possible.


Single room, TinyRoom or shared room. During …


Apartment. The abbreviation apartment for apartment has prevailed. This means on the one hand the type of holiday accommodation, on the other hand the accommodation itself.

In some cases, these are apartments designed exclusively for renting to tourists.

There, the tourists can stay alone undisturbed. Some landlords require a deposit or a cleaning fee.

So they consider the alternative the ootels and convince yourself of our great offer. Nice stay!…


Accommodation in Berlin. For a weekend in the capital, your vacation, the school trip or a business trip, for families, for people in transit to stay overnight: in all get a cheap and comfortable accommodation in Berlin. Many visitors like to come to Berlin for a few days to shop. Or you want to visit one of the great concerts and musicals.

Even if you want to get to know the capital or finally visit …


Apartments in Berlin. You are looking for apartments in Berlin for short-term rent, as temporary accommodation or as a temporary accommodation for professional or private reasons. A private room is an alternative for you out of the question, a hotel would be too expensive. We offer single or shared rooms as a transitional apartment in

As long as you like! Although you book for a longer period of time, you do not need to sign …


Berlin offers incredibly inspiring places beyond the tourist trails. Many Berliners are happy to reveal their insider tips. Or just let yourself drift and discover the city, as otherwise only their inhabitants see and experience.

Stay with us at the ootel and enjoy quality at unbeatable low prices. In October 2012, the city celebrated its existence for 775 years, during which many events, exhibitions and a big party took place and attracted many to a capital visit


Class trips. The is not only a hotel and hostel but also an ideal holiday accommodation for people who like to be independent and spontaneously arrange their own holidays, vacations and days off.

Our large meadow offers many opportunities for fun and games or just to worship the sun. Museums, exhibitions and theaters, an arcade, a sauna, a cinema, an indoor swimming pool, a billiard salon, restaurants, bistros and cafes can also be found near …