Group accommodations Berlin Treptow


Group accommodations Berlin Treptow

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If you want to travel to Berlin with a group, you may be looking for group accommodation in Berlin Treptow.

Treptow is the largest district in Berlin with the most water surfaces and green areas. In addition, Treptow-Köpenick has the lowest population density in Berlin.

There they live not far away from many worth seeing parts of Berlin. Those who book group accommodation in Berlin Treptow can visit many of the district’s attractions from here, including:

The Allianz Building, part of the Treptowers complex and the tallest building in the city.

The Treptower Park itself, with its 88.2 hectares of green space. A beautiful green lung of the city in which it is wonderful to walk.

The harbor in Treptower Park. Every year, the harbor festival takes place here. In the end, as always, there is a big fireworks display.

The old mansions in the Puschkinallee, Martin-Hoffmann-Straße and Eichenstraße, which are part of Alt Treptow and all originated approximately between 1880 and 1900. The Müggelberg with 115 meters height is the highest mountain in Berlin.

The Müggelsee with beach on the north shore is with its 743 hectares largest lake in Berlin.It is connected with the small 15 hectare small Müggelsee in a picturesque way. Schloss Köpenick is a moated castle and unique in Berlin.

It houses the Museum of Spatial Art with Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo exhibits.

The Spree Park is rotting away, Ferris wheel, tracks and carousel rusting away. That’s why the Spreepark is an insider tip for all Berliners. Here you can wonderfully experience the enchanted atmosphere of an old amusement park. From time to time there are even guided tours of the park. A real experience.

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