Hostel Berlin Gendarmenmarkt


Hostel Berlin Gendarmenmarkt

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A hotel or hostel in Berlin at the Gendarmenmarkt has high maintenance costs. These costs must pass on the hostels to their guests. A hostel in Berlin Mitte can not be cheap.

At most in comparison to other accommodations in the same area and similar facilities.

Otherwise you pay as a guest also for the great location cash money. From there it is only a few meters to the Gendarmenmarkt.

By car you drive from the hotel in Berlin to the Gendarmenmarkt in a few minutes. Use the city map, which you get for free at our other reception.

In the middle of the picturesque Gendarmenmarkt, the concert hall stands majestically. To the left and to the right are the German Dom and the FrenchDom das Zentrum des Platzes.


The name Friedrichstadt comes from the Prussian King Friedrich I., who was still a great Elector when the city was founded.

The German Cathedral and its twin, the French Cathedral, originally the New Church and Friedrichstadtkirche, the domes were added in 1785 by Frederick II.

Same events at Gendarmenmarkt: The Unified Party celebrating the reunification of Germany on 3 October. The Classic Open Air concert always in late summer. The Christmas market of a different kind.

Always in December, the square in front of the Schauspielhaus turns into a tent village with many cultural attractions.

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