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Hostel Berlin Wall

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It is a very special story that connects our hotel with the Berlin Wall, because if it had not fallen, we would never have been able to open our hostel in Marzahn. The eastern part of the city where our hotel is located was not accessible to everyone at the time.

In order to organize an overnight stay in the capital of the DDR, Wessis had to overcome a lot of bureaucracy and to prove their endurance. Today it’s easy to stay at And of course, too. Many of our guests from all over the world appreciate this.

Incidentally, we are also employers for many Berliners from all parts of the capital. Often our guests ask us about the Berlin Wall. The interest in this tangible piece of contemporary history is unbroken. The stories about successful and failed escape attempts fascinate and touch people from all over the world.

This not only separated streets and areas, but above all countless families and friends. Many lovers could not see each other anymore and parents could only write to their children. At some houses along the border, the windows were walled to prevent the view and escape to the west.

Because many of the East Berliners felt locked up and wanted to escape to the freedom of the West. The building of the Wall took place almost overnight, nobody really expected it.

Only two months before the construction Walter Ulbricht, then chairman of the State Council of the GDR, announced at a press conference: “No one has the intention to build a wall!”

Today, it is known that the plan to build a wall, the Allies and especially John F. Kennedy was not unknown. The intelligence services had received evidence. Nevertheless, it was apparently not possible to counteract this.

On the night of 12 to 13 August 1961, the construction work for the so-called anti-fascist protection wall began logically.

For almost thirty years, the gray wall separated the city into an eastern and a western part.

About 245 people died at the wall. This moving story is part of the life of the city and the wall still reminds of it.

Spontaneously, East and West Berliners gathered at the border crossing and fell into each other’s arms joyfully.

They laughed and cried together with joy and relief over the fall of the wall.

One does not know how it started, but suddenly everyone wanted to save a piece of the Berlin Wall as a souvenir. Thousands of people went to the wall armed with a hammer and a chisel and hammered at them.

On the one hand to take home a piece, on the other hand to get rid of the hated wall as soon as possible.

Many symbolically knocked out a small piece, others hammered whole garbage bags full. In just a few days there were already large holes in the Berlin Wall, through which you could easily climb through.

Soon, this remainder of the once-strong Berlin Wall posed a security risk, and so they decided on a quick dismantling. In almost all places the Berlin Wall has disappeared today.

Of course, that’s the East Side Gallery. There, artists from all over the world have put on a colorful dress on the gray wall and decorated it with political and artistic messages.

The East Side Gallery is one of the main attractions of the city and is annually

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