House rules


Who by cigarette smoke or other handling of fire or smoke, the fire alarm system triggers negligent (smoke detectors on the ceiling) or abusive use the manual, has to pay the full cost of the automatic fire service use.

Damage or disturbances please inform the hostel immediately!

Please inform yourself about the fire extinguishing regulations and the handling of the fire extinguishers as well as the location of the escape routes.


The hostel sleeps 22:00 – 6:00.

Companions of groups serve as role models and should behave accordingly with regard to smoking and alcohol consumption. For the duration of the stay is to ensure safekeeping and security of their own belongings.

The hostel offers shared and common rooms.

For hygienic and safety reasons, the preparation of hot food and drinks in the living room or bedrooms is prohibited.

Likewise the use of own sleeping bags.

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