Parking in front of the hostel


Parking in front of the hostel

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Parking in front of the hostel. Our parking lots in front of the ootel offer the possibility to explore the city carefree. Leave your vehicle with us and take public transport to the center of Berlin.Especially in big cities, it is usually rare to find a nearby car park.

Parking in front of the hostel

A private parking, which is free whenever the guest comes? To be too good to be true? Right! But what would ootel, if not the desire for a parking space would be met here?

It’s hard to believe, but we offer a convenient service for those needs.

You can conveniently park your vehicle directly in front of the hostel. Practical, not only after a strenuous journey of discovery.

The automobile should, as the name implies, give people mobility.

But would this really be the case if a long walk were to occur before using the car?


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