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A holiday home for the family holiday should have a child-friendly facilities of the rooms and the entire facility. So that the whole family does not have to travel long distances, it would be great to have playgrounds and other recreational opportunities nearby.

Not to forget: for many families, the budget is limited and therefore the holiday should also be cheap. The is family friendly, flexible and reasonably priced, with service around the clock. We offer …


At the you stay cheap and stress-free with the whole family. You will find large rooms with double beds. And we put more single beds just as needed. Of course, there are shower and toilet for families in the room. Our hostel facility is spacious and offers plenty of space.

So sure enough space for all family members with us. Ideal for a family holiday in Berlin. Behind the building we have a meadow that is …


The real estate market in Berlin is almost unmanageable. Many people are looking for real estate in Berlin to invest. Houses are now again popular with young people. If you can not move into your dream home, because the construction is delayed, but the apartment has already been terminated, come to our hotel.

You can rent an unfurnished room on time, put some of your own furniture, because that saves you money. The accommodation is adequate and …


Accommodations for groups in shared rooms with up to 10 beds are especially cheap at the ootel. It is important that our prices always include bed linen, parking and Wi-Fi access. There are no additional costs. If you do not want breakfast, you do not have to pay, because you can book our breakfast buffet as you wish or leave it alone.

Travel groups of all kinds like to stay in our hostel in Berlin, not only …


How about if you find a great hostel for your next trip to Berlin, where you pay a lot less for the overnight stay with breakfast than other comparable offers? At you stay really cheap. The equipment is young and fresh, depending on the room there is a private bathroom with toilet.

In rooms with more than three beds you share the room and shower plus toilet with other hostel guests. If you stay in the


Since early November 2012, the former Entrée Hotel Marzahn is now the ootel. After the Entrée Hotel closed its doors, the spacious rooms were first used by the But after extensive renovation work, the is now located in the traditional rooms on the avenue of cosmonauts. Under new management and with fresh, motivated staff the is a very good address to stay in Berlin. If you know the early Entrée Hotel, you’ll