Accommodations for groups in shared rooms with up to 10 beds are especially cheap at the ootel. It is important that our prices always include bed linen, parking and Wi-Fi access. There are no additional costs. If you do not want breakfast, you do not have to pay, because you can book our breakfast buffet as you wish or leave it alone.

Travel groups of all kinds like to stay in our hostel in Berlin, not only …


How about if you find a great hostel for your next trip to Berlin, where you pay a lot less for the overnight stay with breakfast than other comparable offers? At you stay really cheap. The equipment is young and fresh, depending on the room there is a private bathroom with toilet.

In rooms with more than three beds you share the room and shower plus toilet with other hostel guests. If you stay in the


General, avenue of cosmonauts, 32 D-12681 Berlin is operated by ARH Richter GmbH registered at the District Court Frankfurt (Or) under the HRB 15597 FF. Managing Director is Stefan Richter.

Our staff reserves the right to refuse accommodation to persons. The subletting or re-letting of the rooms provided by the guest, as well as their use for other than accommodation purposes, requires the prior written consent of the hotel management.

Check-in and check-out Booked beds / …


The holiday is coming and for this year a trip with your group is planned. At you are very welcome with your group. We offer many rooms in different sizes in our hotel / hostel and in addition to the large lobby and the dining room and a large beer garden with outdoor area. Breakfast and Meals Breakfast is optional for 5 € per person.

In addition, we offer extended gastronomy service, for example if you …


You are looking for a hostel in Berlin at the main station? Near the train station there are numerous youth hostels, hotels and hostels as well as apartments. Which hostel is closest to you is easy to ergooglen.

The is certainly not, but still it remains a good address for travelers and visitors to Berlin. Because of the one comes in a few minutes with the S-Bahn to the main station. Our may not …


It is a very special story that connects our hotel with the Berlin Wall, because if it had not fallen, we would never have been able to open our hostel in Marzahn. The eastern part of the city where our hotel is located was not accessible to everyone at the time.

In order to organize an overnight stay in the capital of the DDR, Wessis had to overcome a lot of bureaucracy and to prove their …