Cheap accommodation in Ootel.co. Many travelers today are looking for affordable alternatives to traditional hotel accommodation. In Ootel.co can be e.g. not only single beds and hotel rooms, but whole apartments and conference rooms book.

Staying in a hostel does not mean you have to go without comfort. The breakfast buffet can be compared to a hotel – and as long as the coffee is hot and the bread rolls are fresh, the start of the …


The real estate market in Berlin is almost unmanageable. Many people are looking for real estate in Berlin to invest. Houses are now again popular with young people. If you can not move into your dream home, because the construction is delayed, but the apartment has already been terminated, come to our hotel.

You can rent an unfurnished room on time, put some of your own furniture, because that saves you money. The accommodation is adequate and …


Being a refugee is destiny Many asylum seekers are accommodated in Berlin hotels, and ootel.co also offers accommodation to refugees. The prejudices against asylum seekers are everywhere and problematic. Often this is the ignorance of these supposedly strange people. Every human being has a story, and when you get to know your situation and its stories, you can better understand the often awkward situation of the refugees who unintentionally suffered the fate of leaving home. Get to …


A hotel or hostel in Berlin at the Gendarmenmarkt has high maintenance costs. These costs must pass on the hostels to their guests. A hostel in Berlin Mitte can not be cheap.

At most in comparison to other accommodations in the same area and similar facilities.

Otherwise you pay as a guest also for the great location cash money. From there it is only a few meters to the Gendarmenmarkt.

By car you drive from the


Welcome! Our Ootel.co is open for you 24/7, as well as the reception, bar and lobby with big screen TV, pool table, piano, etc. The Ootel.co offers hotel rooms and hostel rooms. Our low prices are per room.

For backpackers our rooms are just as suitable as for couples, families, groups, business people and even for months long stays. Stay in simple low-budget, multi-bedded rooms, charming double rooms or comfortable single rooms.

The Ootel.co is only 15 …


With the global spread of the Internet and the emergence of collaborative platforms (see also Web 2.0) for non-commercial video sharing, video clips online became very popular.

As early as mid-2006, tens of millions of video clips were available online. Not least because of this, the distribution of amateur videos has increased dramatically.

Companies and media are also increasingly using video clips on their websites. That’s why we have created a nice video of our Ootel.co.…


The holiday is coming and for this year a trip with your group is planned. At ootel.co you are very welcome with your group. We offer many rooms in different sizes in our hotel / hostel and in addition to the large lobby and the dining room and a large beer garden with outdoor area. Breakfast and Meals Breakfast is optional for 5 € per person.

In addition, we offer extended gastronomy service, for example if you …


If you want to travel to Berlin with a group, you may be looking for group accommodation in Berlin Treptow.

Treptow is the largest district in Berlin with the most water surfaces and green areas. In addition, Treptow-Köpenick has the lowest population density in Berlin.

There they live not far away from many worth seeing parts of Berlin. Those who book group accommodation in Berlin Treptow can visit many of the district’s attractions from here, including:

The …


Who goes on trips has many opportunities to stay. From the small, cozy guesthouse to the 5 star luxury hotel. The price range is very large.

An overnight stay in a hotel garni is often available from 30 Euro. You as a traveler in a pension have the choice between a simple night without breakfast and a bed and breakfast.

Usually the breakfast is appetizing and nicely prepared, but limited to the bare minimum , In the …